"Alexa, run my lines"

Every actor has their own favorite methods to learn lines. Some like to write them down, some listen to them on the road, but - let's be honest now - most of us need to run them over and over again with a patient friend.

run lines combines traditional learning tools with smart cloud services.
Just say "Alexa, run my lines" and meet your new scene partners!

Learn best by writing it down?
Type your lines in the app and check if they're correct, or download a copy with gapped lines to print and write on!
More of an auditory learner?
Listen to or download a recording with gaps for your lines and other characters reading their lines in different voices and accents of your choice!
Ready to try it with someone?
Run lines with Alexa using your Amazon Echo device or the Amazon Alexa mobile app! Alexa will gladly help if you forget a line or get it wrong.

Get your lines ready to run in a few simples steps - record yourself reading them, upload a PDF scan, import them from other line learning apps, or simply type them manually.
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