Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

It's a collection of tools designed to help you learn lines for a play, film, or whatever. Whether you learn best by writing your lines, by listening to cues and responding, by running them with someone, or a combination of these.

How is it different from existing apps on my phone?

Run Lines uses Alexa to respond to you organically as a real person would. No need to rush to squeeze your line in that fixed gap you left when you first recorded it. Said the wrong line? Alexa will alert you. Need a hint? Just say 'help!'. You can even use Run Lines and Alexa when recording your self-tapes! Too many sweet features to list here. And then there are additional tools to help you get ready before even practicing with Alexa.

Is this free?

At the moment yes, while I'm testing it. But running the app costs me money - server costs, cloud services I'm using, time to fix bugs and improve it, etc. Honestly at this stage I don't know much it will cost me, so I'll probably come up with a model after the test phase is over. Meanwhile, enjoy :)

Do you keep or see the scripts I upload?

If you upload a PDF or image of the script, or a voice recording to transcribe the text in it, those are transferred to Amazon's cloud services for processing and then deleted right after. If you delete a script in the app, all data related to the script, including the lines, are also deleted. Obviously if you signed an NDA or need some sort of extra confidentiality, I would not recommend sharing your script with any service.

I get an error / It doesn't work when ...

There could be bugs at this stage, and I'm doing my best to find and fix them. If you come across one, please do let me know!

Can you also implement X, Y, Z features?

I'd love to hear your ideas, so please get in touch!

Shouldn't you be acting instead of doing this?

That is a question I frequently ask myself...